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Hello! I'm Leslie 

As a business owner, Leslie is a strong advocate for women in business and seeks to empower. She understands first hand what it means to build a business from the ground up-the short nights and long days.  Leslie brings unparalleled commitment to understanding the women in the medical aesthetic industry she serves and prides herself on her knowledge and connections with people who can get her clients dreams accomplished. Learn About Her Business

"One of the things I have noticed with many new (and sometimes seasoned) Nurse Injectors is that they do not understand the business risks, systems and prowess necessary for ownership success. This is normal, as business is not taught in nursing or medical school. My sister is a Doctor and has expressed these frustrations. This book seeks to close the gap between practice and ownership for Medical Aesthetic professionals thinking about making the transition to business ownership, some of the accompanying personal and business risks. If we can together help one woman do it better than we did starting out...we've done something." 


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